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Second Hand Prams

Second Hand Prams

At Babygear we don't recommend buying second hand prams. Especially when we can supply a brand new travel system for as little as £260. that's a Pushchair, Carrycot and Car Seat. However our primary reason for not recommending second hand prams is safety. This is why we dont take trade-in prams.

If you are going to buy a second hand pram we hope the guidance below will be of some help.

All prams and pushchairs, both new and used, must comply with British Standard/European Standard 1888: 2012 or British Standard/European Standard EN 1888:2003.

How to tell if a Pram or Pushchair complies?
Look for the label stating that the pram or pushchair complies with BS EN 1888: 2012 or BS EN 1888: 2003. These labels are usually found on the frame or seat covering.
Used Prams and Pushchairs
If prams and pushchairs have been damaged or modified, they may no longer meet the requirements of the standard. The only way to be absolutely certain is to have the item tested by a laboratory, which is expensive. However, there are some things you can look out for:
the presence of any sharp edges or points
the folding chassis must have a primary and secondary locking device - do they both engage and work properly?
the safety harness - is it in good condition? - make sure the harness is a secure five point harness and the straps are not frayed
the wheel security, and evidence of any heavy wear on the edges of wheels
the parking brake - does it work both forwards and backwards, and does it engage properly?
the general stability in all directions (forwards, backwards and sideways left and right)
the tubes or linkages - have they been bent by heavy impact with kerbs or stairs?
the presence of any finger entrapments - ensure that exposed tubes still have some means of preventing fingers from getting trapped
ensure that the pram or pushchair is generally in good condition

Credit: https://www.newcastle.gov.uk/business/trading-standards/product-safety/guidance-on-the-safety-of-prams-and-push-chairs

Disclaimer: The information above makes sense to us, but it is not our information. It is provided by Trading Standards. We list it here simply, as an additional place where you can research pram safety, to reach your own conclusions. The Baby Studio Ltd (Babygear) makes no assurance that the information is acurate or reliable. Acting on the guidance is at your own risk.

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