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The Baby Studio Ltd t/a Babygear The Old School, Gundry Lane, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3RL, United Kingdom.

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Warranty Advice

The Former Babygear (All Purchases Prior To 16th June 2016) Warranty Advice

The Baby Studio Ltd acquired the trading name of Babygear Bridport on the 16th June 2016. The Baby Studio, a family business originally based in Oxfordshire, now operates from the former Babygear premises.

Please note The Baby Studio Ltd is not responsible for product purchases prior to take-over on the 16th june 2016. However we are happy to help former Babygear customers apply for warranty support from the manufacturer.

Former Babygear customers can contact their product manufacturer directly to obtain support under the remainder of their warranty. If you would like our help in contacting the manufacturer please provide us with the following information. Preferably via our online contact page on this website. The following information is vital.

Name, contact details. (Note: a telephone number is important as we cannot contact you if your email server places our reply in your junk mail)

Please provide the Make, Model, Serial number and description of the fault.

Our team will contact you as quickly as possible to help lodge your support request with the relevant manufacturer.

Please note the former Babygear is no longer trading. The Baby Studio Ltd cannot offer refunds or exchanges. Any support offered, liaising with manufacturers, shipping items for inspection/repair is as a gesture of Good Will. The Baby Studio Ltd cannot accept liability for your product in cases where the manufacturer disputes a warranty claim or requires payment.

The Baby Studio's New Babygear Warranty Advice (Purchases after 16th June 2016)

The Rights to the Babygear name were acquired by The Baby Studio Ltd on the 16th June 2016.

All purchases from the 16th June 2016 are covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The Baby Studio Ltd Trading as Babygear is your purchase supplier.

In the event of a problem with a product or service supplied since the 16th June 2016, customers are asked to contacts us soon as possible.

Please contact us to log a support request before visiting the store with a faulty product. Without advance notice we unlikely to be able to provide assistance on the day.

Please note we cannot accept warranty claims or exchange requests without the original receipt or some other proof of purchase e.g. Credit card statement.

Follow User Maintenance Instructions

Have you carried out regular maintenance on your pram?

If not your warranty may be invalid

A pram is no different to any other mechanical device. Just like a car it needs regular maintenance. We see some prams that can never had any maintenance since they originally left the factory. These prams stand out from other warranty faults and the manufacturer may charge for repair if there is no evidence of maintenance.

Always read the pram manual and follow the recommended maintenance.

In the absence of any maintenance instructions we recommend you lubricate all moving parts every 3 months using a silicone lubricate.

Do not take your pram near salt water (on the beach etc.) Salt is very corrosive and will damage wheel bearing and brakes if they are exposed to it. In the event your pram has been in a salty environment, wash moving parts in warm soapy water allow to dry. (Or use a hair dryer) Then lubricate well with silicone spray.

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