Terms & Conditions

By using our website you agree to our terms & conditions. If you do not agree you must stop using the site immediately.

This site is owned by The baby Studio Ltd, trading as Babygear. Throughout these terms and conditions 'Babygear' means The Baby Studio Ltd

Use of this site and your rights

When buying online you are fully protected by the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. Placing an order on this site does not form a contract between you and Babygear at that time. We will only acknowledge we have seen your request. After review we will advise you if we cannot accept your request. A contract is not formed until when we accept your order. In most cases this is at the time of dispatch.

These terms and conditions only apply to online orders where you have not previously visited our store to see the products. Payment on the telephone or online does not constitute an online or distance selling order, where customers have viewed the item or similar demo items in-store but wish for convenience, to pay online, on the telephone or via an email payment link. 

Our in-store terms & conditions apply to the purchase of products viewed and/or demonstrated in-store before payment via the internet, telephone or email. Please contact us for a copy of the in-store terms and conditions.

Payment and Anti-Fraud

Due to the ever increasing use of stolen cards we can only authorise payments from cards registered to the UK delivery address of the order. We therefore do not capture the funds at time of checkout. Actual payment will take place up to 4 days later after successful security verification. We wil advise if a card fails our security checks. This does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the card, but some cards do not pass the tests we have to apply to be covered by the card processing companies. If a card fails we will contact you to arrange an alternative payment method or cancel the order.


Products listed at £0.00 (No cost) are not sold online and are listed for viewing purposes only. It should not be possible to add zero priced items to the basket. Any items mistakenly processed by the software at zero price will not be accepted at the later manual confirmation of order stage. 

Items listed with an incorrect price will checkout, but will fail order acceptence. 


We will dispatch your goods within the advertised time. Note this time starts from when we receive the goods from our supplier, not from the time the order is placed or acknowledged. For some products/brands this can be many weeks.

We cannot guarantee delivery times once despatched. We buy delivery services in good faith from nationally recognised professional couriers, such as Royal Mail, Parcelforce, TNT, DPD, DHL. Once the goods have left Babygear we are at the mercy of the courier's schedules, traffic and weather conditions, even strikes or other disputes.

You agree that Babygear is not liable for any losses, financially, lost time or any other detrimental effects incurred by you or third parties caused by delay, non-delivery or incorrect delivery. You agree to indemnify Babygear against all claims arising out of incorrect or late supply. Naturally if something goes wrong we will make all reasonable efforts to rectify the situation as swiftly as possible.

If a delivery fails due to the fault of the courier, in the first instance, they will attempt to redeliver. If this is not possible (i.e. a lost consignment) The Baby Studio Ltd reserves the right to first deliver another duplicate product. Where this is not possible, perhaps due to unavailability from the supplier, an alternative product or a refund will be offered.

Delivery Information

Incorrect Address

If you provide an incorrect address you will incur a re-delivery charge to send the order to the correct address. This will also include the couriers returns charges, incurred returning the original field attempt to us.


You are entitled to cancel your order and return goods within 14 working days for refund, including the cost of delivery to you. Note some charges may be deducted see below.*

Bespoke items and special orders are not eligible for return.

The 14 days Returns Law is a return period only. You may not try/use the goods for 14 days.

The law was introduced to allow customers who purchased items online and had not viewed them in store, to see the goods and to allow enough time to arrange return if they didn't like them once they could see them.

Customers cannot use the goods during the 14 day return period. Under the law customers are not permitted to do any more with the goods than would apply in a showroom demo. Goods that have been used cannot be returned. Babygear will not refund goods that have been used. Additionally the cost of returning the goods to you will need to be paid before they can be returned.

To return an unwanted item withing 14 days, contact us us by email or telephone quoting your order number. We will arrange collection of the goods. Please note you are responsible for the cost of returning the goods, we will therefore deduct the return shipping charges from the refund. We will advise you of the charges in advance.  You can arrange your own shipping if you wish. Customers who arrange their own shipping are advised take out enough postal insurance to cover the value of the goods and use a signed-for service, as you are responsible for the goods until we have received them.

This cancellation policy does not affect your rights when we there is a fault - for example, if goods are faulty or an incorrect item is supplied.

*Under the law any goods returned must be in a re-sellable condition. If packaging is damaged or missing or tags have been removed a charge will apply or we may not be able to accept them back.  if we cannot put the item back on sale for the original price, due to it not being in 'factory delivered' condition or due to other effects caused while in the customer's care  the amount we need to reduce the price by, will be deducted from any refund. 

Only use clear packing tape and please do not write on the box.  Damaged boxes devalue the product. Any refund will be reduced accordingly.

Faulty Goods / Warranty

In the case of faulty goods we will repair or replace the item based on the manufacturer's technical assessment. Manufacturers are the legal Design Authority of the product. They will know if goods have a genuine production fault or have been mistreated, either intentionally or unintentionally, or not maintained according to their instructions; in which case they may not accept a warranty claim. Any charges levied by the manufacturer will be passed on to the customer.


Babygear tries to ensure all of its suppliers have fair and reasonable warranty policies. These days businesses cannot afford a singel warranty issue, so we only deal with professional manufactureres who have shown they are reasonable and fair in their warranty fault diagnosis. If a customer disputes the findings of the manufacturer they can obtain advice from Trading Standards on how to proceed.

During all warranty claims Babygear will remain neutral, except for the manufacturer's expert assessment, which, due to their expertise we will normally accept.

In the case of refunds, a proportion will be deducted for the time the product has been in the customers possession, this is regardless of how long the item has been with the customer before being reported faulty or how little it has been used. Customers observing a fault should report it immediately. Failure to do so may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty. This is because continued use may make the fault worse and hence more costly to repair.

Customers are reminded that failures arising between 1 year and the end of the manufacturer's warranty (If it is longer) are outside Babygear's guarantee. Whilst we will assist customers in claims and offer to liaise with the manufacturer free of charge on your behalf, Babygear is not liable for refund, partial refunds or repair costs. any dispute in this time period will need to be taken up directly with the manufacturer. 

These terms  and conditions apply to your order. We may change our terms and conditions at any time, so please do not assume that the same terms will apply in the future.

None of these terms affect your legal rights which are not diminished in any way. If any term is held to be invalid under any applicable statute or rule of law, that term is automatically omitted from the terms to minimum extent necessary to comply with the law and without affecting the validity or ability to enforce the remainder.

The above regulations only apply to online orders. 

Orders placed online that have been viewed in store are not deemed as online purchases under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013Having seen the products in a store the right to return them within 14 days is not applicable. Please ask for a copy of the Store purchases Terms & conditions. 

Internet purchased items cannot be returned in person to the store. Please contact us for a Returns Authorisation Number and for the returns center address. (Returns addresses vary depending on product or brand) 

For warranty, In many cases  manufacturers will liaise directly with you and arrange collection.  

Voucher Codes

Discount or special offer codes must be used in accordance with the offer rules. Companies and Persons employed in the nursery goods trade or their families are not eligible to use discount codes.

Vouchers have a limited lifetime, expired vouchers are void and cannot be reactivated or refunded.

We will not accept vouchers used on non qualifying products. (See rules published with each voucher) 

Vouchers are not confirmed valid until we manually process your order. (after you have checked out) In some circumstances the ordering software will not stop you using a voucher on an item it is not valid for, always follow the voucher rules. We will let you know if the voucher was not valid for your purchase. You will have the option to cancel if it is not valid on that particular item.

Company Details

The Baby Studio Ltd trading as Babygear is registered in England,

Company Number 7177939

VAT Registered  242 8917 87