Price Match

At the Babygear store we have been giving parents great value for 34 years. You dont get to last that long if you don't offer great service, matched with great value.

We are not as big an operation as the Nationals and although we try to track prices, we admit we can't keep every price updated by the hour as some do. However we are happy to try to match any like for like offer you have seen.

Send us the details of the product/s you require and a link to the site you would like us to match. We will do our best to match or beat it.  Price Match

Remember the absolute lowest price may be from a source with abysmal aftercare, a supplier that is hard to get hold of,  that hides behind an internet presence but has no real store, where customer can visit.

We often get asked to match internet "Mega Deals" in our store, only to explain to customers, the deal they have found elswhere, which has big bright and glossy promotion, is actually not as good as it looks. Sometimes items are left out of offers and have to be purchased separately. We saw one recently where a pram was on offer at a grat price, but the package did not include the hood! Who want a pram without a hood?  Our usual price, (not an offer) including a hood was actually 92p cheaper than the so called Mega Deal, where the hood would have cost another £74.